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Creating Gardens for People...

...and People for Gardens


New Growth Gardens is a full-service landscape and horticulture company started by Asher Christl in 2016.  Asher is a Certified Professional Horticulturalist with more than 6 years of experience in the industry ranging from landscaping to arborist work to indoor plant care.  He earned a technical certificate in Environmental Horticulture from Lake Washington Institute of Technology.


Asher has also worked in education for the last 10 years and is passionate about teaching people of all ages about plants.

A native of Shoreline, Asher now lives in Columbia City with his wife Kaylee and is excited to add to the horticulture communities of South Seattle and the greater Seattle area.  



The goal of New Growth Gardens is to match a wide range of services to the needs of each client and recognize how those needs change from season to season.  Whether your budget is large or small, Asher can provide you with quality garden care and design.

As the founder and sole employee, Asher brings a love of plants and attention to detail to every yard.  To reduce environmental noise and pollution he primarily uses non-power tools when working.  He draws on a variety of current horticultural practices to create landscapes that are low-maintenance, attractive, and functional.




Every garden requires work to look it's best and your budget and needs determine how much is necessary.  Whether you're looking for help with regular maintenance, seasonal cleanups, or special projects, New Growth Gardens is ready to help.

Design and Installation

Proper garden design increases the value and health of your landscape.  You also might benefit from a new irrigation system or hardscape feature.  If your garden requires some additions (or subtractions), Asher can make it happen.


Wnat to know more about your garden and how to take care of it? Schedule a coaching session or consultation today to get some plant advice, pruning tips, and more.  Learn how to take charge in your yard!



Get in Touch!

If you need some help in the garden, drop me a line today!  We can schedule a meeting and make a plan that meets your needs and budget.

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(610) 392-5886

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